Produce a High Quality Musical Online Yourself for Under $100

Live Webinar • Wednesday, August 12th • 7pm ET

SAVE ME A SEAT for $37

David Kurkowski Writer-Composer of Madame Curie the Musical

Cate Cammarata Producer, Director and Founder of CreateTheater

Do You Want to Record Your Musical But Can't Afford the Cost?

  • Sync Issues: It's impossible to sync music and video together over the Zoom platform
  • Actors in Quarantine: Actors vary in their technical capabilities and recording equipment
  • No Need to Pay for Editing: Why pay thousands for a basic reading? Dave will show you how he did it on his home computer using free software.
  • Do I Want a Hybrid Musical Reading or One Totally Pre-Recorded: Learn the differences and advantages of each
  • I Have Demos: How do I create music videos? Dave will show you step by step how you can do this at home.
  • How to Record Ensemble Numbers: Tips and tricks on how to handle ensemble numbers, choreography and special effects
SAVE ME A SEAT for $37

Online Readings Offer Significant Advantages During Development

Online Readings are here to stay. With a Zoom (or similar) reading of your musical, both writers and producers have an ideal tool to interest potential producers, theaters and investors in your show. It's no longer necessary for your staged reading or workshop to be given live in New York City.

By streaming your developmental readings online over Zoom, Streamyard, your website or over social media, your audience is expanded and available to see your work from anywhere in the world. Save travel and hotel expenses and invest in yourself instead.

I wanted everything to be DIY.

I created MADAME CURIE THE MUSICAL all by myself in quarantine, in my apartment in Philadelphia. You can do the same thing.

I walk you step by step through the process step by step, from the initial planning stages, through recording the music videos, to finally editing your musical to look as professional as possible.

Your Musical Your Way.

Not only can you record your own reading, you can edit it too. Dave shows you step by step exactly how he recorded and edited MADAME CURIE THE MUSICAL for less than $100.

This webinar will be recorded and comes with accompanying worksheets so you can follow Dave's exact process. Create a video presentation of your musical to share with producers, theaters and investors.


Eliminate the need for stage directions. Add sound effects and images that will make your vision come to life


Learn how to avoid "recording pitfalls" with your actors to make the process as easy as possible


Create an iMovie file for each song by syncing the voice-only video and sound tracks together


With prerecorded dialogue and full orchestrations, your musical will always be presentation ready


This Training Webinar may save you thousands of dollars.

If you're like me, you have more time than money right now.

It's time to invest in YOURSELF to maximize your productivity.

If I can do it, you can do it!

August 12th at 7pm ET / 4pm PT

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